The Untitled Cookie Orgad Project

Waterfall Films has optioned the life rights to Jacob “Cookie” Orgad as well as the rights to the preeminent article about Cookie from Details Magazine and renowned author Julian Rubinstein.

Jacob ‘Cookie’ Orgad’s life was the ultimate realization of the American Dream. An amoral, violent version of that dream, however.

Cookie came to Los Angeles during the 1990s, a time when a black cloud hung over the city. The Riots, O.J., the North Hollywood shootout, Rodney King, Bloods vs. Crips, Northridge, Rampart and more helped shape a decade where a poor immigrant from Israel could rise to power by brute force and a touch of savvy. He got his first taste of the L.A. underground when he began working for Heidi Fleiss and her prostitution syndicate- running errands at first, then moving up to enforcer. But, that wasn’t enough for the consummate hustler who next struck out on his own recruiting girls. So when a new drug exploded onto the party scene in Europe, Cookie spotted an opportunity that would change his life and the landscape of L.A. nightlife forever.

From the Valley strip joints to the illegal raves Downtown, ecstasy became the drug of choice and Cookie muscled into position as its biggest distributor. Before long, if you partied in L.A., you bought your X from Cookie. Yet, a lot of mystery surrounded Cookie Orgad…was he a former Mossad agent with secret connections, was he an informant for the FBI (who turned a blind eye to his activities), was he a family man who never missed a Shabbat, or was he all of the above?

One thing for certain is that Cookie was as much a product of the chaos of 1990s Los Angeles as a root cause of the mayhem. When the rest of L.A. was going up in flames, the convict who is now sitting in a French prison cell made his power play, rising from penniless immigrant to feared kingpin, building the largest and most intricate ecstasy ring in the world- all while fronting as the “Beeper King” of Los Angeles. This is the true story of how he did it and the world in which he did it.

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